Care at a distance, tailor-made with a human face.

Z-Plus is a leading care centre specialising in providing high-quality services for alarms, remote care, telemonitoring and teleassistance. As a B2B service and service provider, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of solutions to help deliver high-quality remote care.

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Mission & vision

At Z-Plus, we understand that rapid on-site intervention can be critical to providing effective care. Therefore, we offer our clients a guarantee of professional intervention at the patient’s premises. This means our healthcare professionals can be on site quickly to provide the patient with the necessary care and resolve any problems.

Our mission is to help our customers deliver high-quality remote care that meets the needs of their patients. Through our advanced technology and experienced healthcare professionals, we can help our clients improve their healthcare delivery and achieve the best outcomes for their patients.

For who?

Anyone wanting to provide innovative remote care services for their clients such as:

By who?

Z-plus is a cooperative of healthcare providers focused on pooling know-how and manpower to provide higher density care and keep up with innovation. Several organisations work together at Z-plus, including Home Assistance, Solidarity for Families, Familiehulp, Mederi and Vulpia, as well as several GAW and OCMW. At Z-plus, we are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients and clients.


In national media

Following the death of Ms Chini, the patient with dementia who was missing for almost a week, we see an increase in the number of requests for mobile person alarms. In 2022, thanks to a people alarm with GPS, we found two missing persons.

Radio news from VRT picked up on this news. Julie Wyffels speaking: “If people cannot be found, the police can contact us. and we can use the GPS signal in the device to see where this person is.”

We currently have more than 18500 customers, of which 1176 use this service. People interested in a mobile people alarm can contact their health insurance or other healthcare actors, who work directly with us.

Curious about some case studies?

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