Care centre with a plus

At Z-plus, we are the link between informal carers, professional carers and the patient. Our care centre offers a wide range of services to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and support when they need it.

Z plus is more than just a technological solution. We are a care centre with a human face. Our professional and empathetic staff are available 24/7 to support patients with their care needs. From telephone consultations and intake interviews to emergency assistance. We offer a personalised and tailored approach that suits each patient’s unique situation.

Z+ Alarm

Let a senior live independently at home for as long as possible while maintaining a sense of security? Then a personal alarm connected to our care centre offers a solution. Z-plus provides a handy transmitter that the senior carries with them at all times. If necessary, the button is pressed and the senior immediately transferred to our emergency centre. Our staff member will then contact a pre-specified carer.

Z+ Measurement &
Care at a distance

Since 2018, connected devices have also enabled professional monitoring of medical data and measurements by patients. Consider weight, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, cholesterol… The nurse operators in the care centre actively monitor the connected patients, analyse the measurement results and take appropriate action in case of abnormal values.

Sevice Center

Z-plus’ on-call services are available 24/7 to provide quick and efficient help to patients. Our services include intake interviews, where our professional staff identify the patient’s need for help and determine the appropriate follow-up steps. Thanks to our continuous accessibility, patients can come to us for personalised care and support at any time of the day or night.

Carefree at home

Follow up calls via personal alarm systems and guarantee professional intervention when needed.

An example of someone who is carefree at home with the help of care centre Z-Plus could be a senior citizen who lives alone and sometimes worries about his or her health and safety. By using Z-Plus, this person has a direct connection to the care centre, which is available 24 hours a day. If an emergency situation arises, the person can easily press the alarm button to quickly get help from a healthcare professional.

Apart from emergencies, the person can also have regular contact with the care centre to check that everything is OK. This is reassuring for both the person and his or her family members, who know that someone is always available to help if needed. This support allows the person to continue living independently at home for longer, with more confidence and peace of mind.

Carefree on the move

Those who are still active can also be helped outdoors with the mobile alarm systems.

Through SIM card technology and the GPS tracker in a mobile people alarm, we send very targeted help anywhere in Flanders and Brussels.

Users can also use wander detection by setting up ‘safe zones’. As soon as someone leaves a safe zone, the care centre follows it up.

Measuring at home

You can measure weight, blood pressure, heart rate, glucose and cholesterol at home. The missing link is the forwarding, follow-up, and medical analysis and reading of this data. With medically trained operators, Z-plus is ready to make the link between measurements, analysis and follow-up. Linked or not with video calling.

Smart sensors

Sensors bring peace and reassurance to people living independently and to their carer or contact person. CO and smoke detectors, fall detectors, motion or smart sensors keep a well-intentioned eye on things.

It is the ambition of Z-plus to track and analyse measurement results from wearable sensors in the short term to provide personalised guidance.

Care at a distance

A reminder for people who forget things before, but are still fine living independently. We take care of that. We guide people in therapy compliance and medication intake, for example with the smart pillbox.

Z-plus closely follows innovative evolutions in telecare. Where necessary, we will bring in new devices and video calling capabilities to enable remote care for more people. Thus, we can help with medication adherence and medication reminder. And through a good-day service, we help keep a check on the situation, bring structure to the day and break through loneliness.


Z-plus aims to be a service centre for its business customers and offers on-call services 24/7. Accessibility is assured in comfort for the person in need of care, the caregiver, the care provider or the informal carer.