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Check a few cases.

Building fire in Halle

A fire broke out in assisted housing in Halle on 1 April. The residents cannot go home immediately.

Some of them will be accommodated in a hotel. Thanks to a personal alarm connected to Z-plus, they can still raise the alarm if something is wrong.

Hybrid care path
type 2 diabetes

Improved follow-up is crucial to promote the health of people with diabetes and reduce social costs. In collaboration with several partners, i-man is launching a clinical trial to enrich diabetes education with telemonitoring and remote care, aiming to improve this follow-up.


Successive outbreaks of COVID-19 have led to a huge increase in the number of patients, which has put enormous pressure on the healthcare system. The extreme strain on hospitals prevented many patients from receiving the medical care they needed. Z-plus provided the necessary support for the Belgian healthcare providers.