Assisting fire at an assisted living home in Halle.

A fire broke out in assisted housing in Halle on 1 April. The residents cannot go home immediately.

Some of them will be accommodated in a hotel. Thanks to a personal alarm connected to Z-plus, they can still raise the alarm if something is wrong.

Fire in service flats:
22 evacuated residents cannot return for now

On Saturday evening 1 April 2023, a fire broke out in the Ten Hove assisted living facility of the Halle CPAS on Kopheiweg in Halle. All 22 residents were evacuated as a precaution and no one was injured. Meanwhile, it has become clear that residents will not be able to return to their homes before Monday. The fire presumably started in a technical duct where some electrical wires started to smoulder.

Thanks to the quick action of the fire brigade and the warning of the family who were installing a new resident, the residents were quickly evacuated and the fire brigade was able to get the fire under control quickly. However, there was heavy smoke development, making the building uninhabitable for the time being.

Fortunately, residents were able to rely on the help of police and Red Cross to be evacuated and were accommodated at the community centre in the Windmoleke neighbourhood. Fourteen residents were able to stay with relatives and eight stayed for the time being at the Belgian Football Association’s Martin’s Red hotel in Tubize where there were plenty of vacant rooms. Here, the city of Halle will be there 24/7 to assist them and answer all care questions.

Thanks to a people alarm connected to Z-plus, residents can still raise the alarm if something is wrong. During this crisis situation, Z-plus provides support during a personal alarm and assists the emergency services 24/7 via the service centre.

This fire at the Ten Hove assisted living home highlights the importance of a care centre like Z-plus. It can make all the difference in emergency situations. In this case, we can already guarantee the safety and well-being of residents.

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