Covidcare@home enables home monitoring of patients with COVID-19 via telemonitoring. This package is offered by the company Byteflies.

Avoid unnecessary or prolonged hospital admissions.

The impact of the corona pandemic is felt by all. It forces us to adjust our habits. Above all, it also requires new, smart and reliable solutions to safeguard the care of sick patients. The collaboration in this telemonitoring pilot project allows us to leave patients at home and let them go to or out of the hospital just-in-time when needed. This will keep hospital beds optimally utilised and ease the pressure on healthcare providers (pneumologists, hospital, GPs, home nursing …).

Collaboration with Byteflies
Byteflies developed a covidcare@home kit consisting of a thermometer and a saturation monitor with heart rate measurement. Through the app, the patient can also count breathing. With these four parameters, we have come a long way. These are crucial in coronavirus monitoring, and can be perfectly monitored at home.

Julie Wyffels, general manager Z-plus
“It is reassuring both for the patient, the family and the care team wherever they are, that you can be properly monitored at home. We strictly monitor the parameters, also for the hospitals if they want, so that if necessary we can get people to and from a hospital on time. A nice hybrid collaboration between remote care and care at home.”

And thanks to cooperation with home nursing, even someone who is not so good with
measurement of values at home, are further helped.

Karin Van Mossevelde, managing director at i-mens
“Those who cannot do the follow-up themselves can call on home nursing. Yet also important to expand the project with home care. These type of projects are crucial for the future and for how we should organise care today and tomorrow. It is the first important step towards
telemonitoring also outside COVID.”

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